مبدعون في زمن الكورونا
معرض افتراضي للوحات الشباب الفنية   بدعم من صندوق الأمم المتحدة للسكان - مكتب الأردن، أطلقت مؤسسة نور الحسين من خلال معهد العناية بصحة الأسرة المعرض الفني الافتراضي الأول للشباب بعنوان "مبدعون في زمن الكورونا" على شبكة...
Laila's journey to independence and empowerment
Before 2013, now 28-year-old Laila lived a simple life in Syria with her husband and two children, but one day, her husband went missing in the war and there were no options for her but to flee to Jordan with her childr...
Jordan Youth Peace and Security 2250 National Coalition
In 2015, the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250 (UNSCR 2250) on Youth, Peace and Security (YPS) was unanimously adopted by its member states. This resolution was one of a kind since it was groundbreaking fo...