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Jamileh, the Night Supervisor, on the Frontline to Combat COVID-19

As the threat of the coronavirus pandemic takes the world by storm, Jordan is no exception. In fact, the government has imposed a curfew early on, obliging people to work from home, students to resort to distance E-learning and most businesses to close as a national strategy to limit the spread of the disease. Only those working in vital sectors are allowed freedom of movement. Since 14 days Jamileh – a night supervisor at the Jordanian Women’s Union shelter (JWU)- chose to leave her husband and family behind to tend to the women survivors of violence staying at the shelter. “I cannot leave them in such difficult circumstances, it is my duty to take care of them, and it’s my responsibility as a woman and a citizen to stand by their side when they need me the most”, said Jamileh.

The night supervisor has been working at JWU since 2014. Her job has provided her with the knowledge and experience she needs to better deal with women survivors. Jamileh is a frontline worker who deals with GBV cases, she has covered different roles from direct case management to psychosocial support and night supervision duty in the shelter, during her shift she is also  in charge of answering the landline Hotline after working hours, as she transfers calls to counselors, as needed. During the COVID-19 crisis, Jamileh makes sure to set up a daily activity schedule for the women at the shelter. On one hand to keep the women calm in a time of fear and uncertainty, and on the other hand, to keep them busy, entertained and maintain their welfare. These activities include sport activities; competitive games, and support groups.

“My job might not be easy. Indeed, I face challenges all the time, but it is a labor of love. I enjoy it wholeheartedly”, expressed Jamileh. In a time of uncertainty and fear because of the quarantine, Jamileh looks after the residents of the shelter, ensuring they get the support  they need, and looking after their wellbeing by following proper hygiene measures.  “I am thankful that I get acknowledged by the manager, counselors and residents who are showering me with their love and support. I’m lucky to be part of this great team”, concluded Jamileh who believes that not only is she doing good for tending to the women at the shelter, but also she is serving her entire community and country during this pandemic.