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This report summarizes the results of the post distribution monitoring (PDM) conducted between July and August 2020 with Syrian refugee receiving Dignity kits and Salama kits* provided by UNFPA and distributed by implementing partners Institute for Family Health and JHAS in Zaatari camp in the Women and Girls Safe Spaces and Reproductive Health Clinic in the camp thanks to the support of ECHO.

The PDM was intended to assess the effectiveness and appropriateness of distribution and make recommendations to partners through careful analysis and evaluation of information obtained from the assessment aimed at improving the service delivery quality of this emergency response during COVID 19 crisis. The purpose of the survey is to verify that the correct entitlements were received by the correct recipients with good quality, and the distribution process is accessible and safe to all recipients To measure the effectiveness of distributions on the recipient population the survey was undertaken with a random Sample size of 10% of all 3000 beneficiaries. Overall, the results of the PDM exercise highlighted the distribution process to be effective and successful.

The data analysis revealed that beneficiaries are satisfied with the content, quality, quantity and durability of the kits in addition to the broader distribution process.