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8 Billion Strong

UNFPA Jordan Celebrates World Population Day 2022

The United Nations Population Fund - UNFPA in Jordan in partnership with the Higher Population Council, kicked off the celebration of World Population Day at the King Hussein Cultural Center, with a musical concert by none other than the winner of The Voice Arabia, the Jordanian performer Nedaa Sharara.

Following the theme of this year’s event, "A world of 8 billion: Towards a resilient future for all - Harnessing opportunities and ensuring rights and choices for all”, Sharara’s first performance was a song about child marriage and the negative consequences of that practice.

UNFPA Jordan Representative Ensherah Ahmad remarked, "this year, World Population Day serves as an opportunity to celebrate a world of 8 billion strong. On this occasion, we call for equal access to opportunities for all, recognizing that human rights are the cornerstones of development and progress." 

Also attending the event, Dr. Issa Masarweh, Secretary General of the Higher Population Council, expressed, “Jordan faces demographic challenges as half of the population are 22 years old, and they are a segment of the population who will pursue a university education, get married and have children, hence increasing the population and placing additional pressures on natural resources and resilience to climate change. Effective strategies on the national level are needed to ensure the implementation of environmentally sustainable solutions to accommodate the population growth and demand for resources."

UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator Ghulam Isaczai added: "Young people under 34 years are the largest population in the world. What is important is that our young people remain engaged. We need your energy, your advocacy because the future is yours."

The celebration concluded with a competition. Guests were asked questions that tested their knowledge of World Population Day and the work of UNFPA in Jordan, and eight winners walked away with prizes.