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As part of Youth Task Force “YTF'' video series on the Compact for Young People in Humanitarian Action: Stories from Zaatari Camp for Syrian Refugees- Jordan.  This film highlights the key action around “Resources”. The Compact calls to increase resources intended to address the needs and priorities of adolescents and youth affected by humanitarian crises, including disasters, conflict and displacement, and identify ways to more accurately track and report on the resources allocated to young people in humanitarian contexts. In Response to COVID-19 Compact members promote funding youth-led organizations’ COVID-19 mitigation initiatives, including adolescent-led organizations and young women’s collectives, and ensure that funding streams are reliable, transparent, sustained, and flexible.

The YTF in collaboration with the Camp Management, and different coordination working groups works toward allocating resources to support adolescents and youth in Zaatari Camp, and engage with youth committees to better understand their needs, and engage in projects and interventions designed to meet their aspirations.