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Date: 18/11/2020

Request for Quotation No. UNFPA/JOR/RFQ/20/018

Dear Sir/Madam,

We hereby solicit your quotation for the supply of PCR test services and as clarified below:


In Jordan, The Ministry of Social Development (MOSD) has the mandate to provide social protection services, Gender-Based Violence (GBV) prevention, and response services to survivors of GBV. MOSD runs shelters in the country and provide GBV case management and psychosocial support in coordination with the Family Protection Department (FPD), which is the police department, mandated to provide legal and policing services for victims of violence, including through receiving complaints and investigating cases of violence, along with providing medical examination and social and psycho-behavioral services for GBV survivors.

Currently, the Ministry runs five dedicated shelters for FPD-referred victims/survivors of domestic violence. The shelters provide vital social services to protect victims/survivors on a temporary basis for up to six months. However, MOSD placed new safety prevention measures to accommodate new GBV survivors into their shelters. Among them, the mandatory NEGATIVE PCR test for admitted survivor.

In view of this, UNFPA wishes to provide this kind of support to FPD and procure the PCR test services to FPD-referred victims/survivors from one of the authorized labs by the government, who can always ensure to do the PCR tests based on FPD requests. UNFPA aims at issuing a Purchase Order to the selected lab who achieves the lowest priced offer that is substantially responsive to the requirements of the RFQ in order to start delivering the service and as required by FPD. This service, however, is initially anticipated to cover FPD-referred victims until end of March 2021, in which the estimated monthly number of tests might fall within the range of 150-200 tests. Referred victims/survivors might undertake the test either by directly visiting the lab along with the FPD representative, or through delivery services to an agreed point of contact where the lab can deliver their services.

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