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21 April 2016

UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador Ashley Judd Visits Refugees in Jordan

In April, humanitarian, writer and actor Ashley Judd travelled to Jordan on her inaugural mission as UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador. During her two-week trip, she visited UNFPA-supported clinics and... Read more

14 April 2016

After being declared dead, Syrian refugee rebuilds life

AMMAN, Jordan – Amir* arrived in Jordan two years ago with gunshot wounds in his back. He had been beaten and even declared dead while his family tried to flee their home in the besieged Syrian city... Read more

1 January 2016

Safe birth in Cyber City

Cyber City/ Ramtha/ Jordan, Khloloud Mohammad, was seven months pregnant when she had to cross borders between Syria and Jordan to escape violence in her homeland and find a safe place for her seven... Read more

2 February 2015

Amid brutal winter, safe births for Syrian refugees

ZAATARI, Jordan – Syrian refugees in Jordan have endured frigid temperatures, powerful winds, and heavy snow and rainfall this winter. A dangerous mid-January snowstorm, named “Huda,” collapsed... Read more

15 March 2014

Three years into Syria crisis, refugees resigned to ‘better’ reality.

AMMAN — When Malak Hariri took refuge at the Zaatari Refugee Camp two years ago, she was alone with a baby before her husband followed them. Life in the desert camp was then more difficult, too... Read more

4 October 2013

A first birthday far away from home

CYBER CITY, Jordan — Giggling, playing and uttering his first words "mama" and "papa", Abdullah just turned one. Born as a Syrian refugee in Jordan last year, his parents had hoped to return to their... Read more

22 August 2013

UNFPA alarmed over impact of growing violence in Syria on women and girls

UNITED NATIONS, New York, NY, 22 August, 2013 – UNFPA is concerned about the impact of the recent escalation of violence in and around Damascus, particularly on women, youth and their families in... Read more

7 May 2013

Syrian Women Giving Birth in Exile

ZA'ATARI, Jordan — In a tent hospital bed, a Syrian woman who was four months pregnant when she fled her country's civil war cradles one of the newest residents of this dust-swept refugee camp: Her... Read more

22 April 2013

Syria's Refugees: Birth and Life in Zaatari Camp – in Pictures

Jordan's Zaatari refugee camp houses more than 100,000 Syrians who have fled the civil war; 3,000 of those registered are pregnant women. Against the odds, women are adapting to the cycle of life. 13... Read more

11 December 2012

Creating an 'oasis' for Syrian refugees in a Jordanian camp

ZA'ATARI CAMP, Jordan— Syrian refugees in this encampment have much to deal with: displacement, a fraying social fabric, insecurity, uncertainty and the tension that goes along with it all. But now... Read more