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22 April 2013

Syria's Refugees: Birth and Life in Zaatari Camp – in Pictures

Jordan's Zaatari refugee camp houses more than 100,000 Syrians who have fled the civil war; 3,000 of those registered are pregnant women. Against the odds, women are adapting to the cycle of life. 13... Read more

11 December 2012

Creating an 'oasis' for Syrian refugees in a Jordanian camp

ZA'ATARI CAMP, Jordan— Syrian refugees in this encampment have much to deal with: displacement, a fraying social fabric, insecurity, uncertainty and the tension that goes along with it all. But now... Read more

17 October 2012

Delivering Babies and Smiles to Syrian Refugees

CYBER CITY, Jordan- To one new mother, whose baby she delivered safely in a clinic, she is like a second mother. To another, whose breast cancer she detected, she is a ‘saving angel.’ After nearly 30... Read more

12 September 2012

Delivering Sensitive Reproductive Health Care to Syrian Refugees in Jordan

ZA'ATARI REFUGEE CAMP, Mafraq, Jordan — As a way to address both health needs and cultural sensitivities, UNFPA  is supporting a reproductive health clinic with a female gynaecologist in the Za'atari... Read more

11 August 2012

Learning Opportunities Help Syrian Women Cope with Camp Life

ZA’ATARI REFUGEE CAMP, Mafreq, Jordan — Syrian women residing in the are trying to cope with life in the fenced area that hosts some 40,000 refugees, by engaging in several activities organized by... Read more